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ANUGOD | pronounced /a new God/ | is a Film3 series inspired by Babylonian Mythology. 

This collection of NFTs which consists of more than 100 characters (1st drop) will support the making of the Tv Series. Each purchase will cover the production costs of the pilot “The Cabal” first, and then of the full season with future collections.

The AnuGods are categorized by level of rarity. You will find Annunaki Gods and Goddesses and Igigi Kings, Queens, Warriors and Slaves. 

The AnuGods are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

This vision and concept is an idea of Chris Mariotti leader of the noir rock band Edgar Allan Poets 

The first mint will be announced shortly!

Join The Gods


    Step 01

    February 2023

    1st Collection Mint

    First drop of Anugods' collection. Among the 100 characters you will find Anunnaki Gods, Goddesses as well as Igigi Kings, Queens, Warriors and Slaves. The sale of the NFTs will help us covering the production costs of the Pilot entitled "The Cabal".

    Step 02

    March 2023

    Producing "The Cabal"

    Check out the storyboard below.

    Step 03

    April 2023

    "The Cabal" is ready and now we start to market it.

    While we could also continue independently by selling our NFTs, we believe that collaborating with a large studio is necessary to be successful globally. Netflix, Hulu, Apple on our radar.

    Step 04

    May 2023

    AnuGods Second Drop

    With the support of a large studio, this collection should go to the moon, also increasing the value of the NFTs purchased in drop # 1


    June - September 2023

    Producing the entire first season of ANUGOD

    Now it's getting serious. We will produce 8 epic episodes that will keep you glued to your TV screens. See the episodes outline below.

    Step 06

    November 2023

    Making the series available worldwide

    We will finally be able to share our vision with the world. Season 1 is ready, everyone will know our characters.

    Step 07

    December 2023

    Anugods third drop

    Our project at this point will be very well known and our NFTs will compete with apes and punks 🙂 If you believed in us from the beginning you should be in lambo mode 🙂

    Step 08


    Productions season II

    The dream continues and many more episodes will entertain audiences around the world. Now is the time for ANUGOD!


    In Los Angeles, a series of murders terrifies the city. The victims are all influential people in society. They are found lifeless with no sign of violence. The case is complicated and the only one who can solve is Virgil Hunter. 

    Initially reticent, after his ex-wife is found dead, he decides to get to the bottom of this matter.


    His instinct and experience lead him to keep the powerful business couple, Dagan and Ishtar Nabopolassar, under control.  Rumors say that the Nabopolassar’s hold private parties in which they perform strange rituals. Vigil suspects that they could be involved in the murders.


    During the investigation, Virgil meets Nabopolassar’s daughter, Beatrix, and love blossom between the two. Beatrix unwittingly helps Virgil in his investigation.


    Virgil finds himself in front of a parallel universe made up of powerful alien species that have been working in the shadows for centuries to plunder mankind. 


    The Nabopolassar’s family is part of the Igigi, Demigods who want to destroy the human race to harm the Anunnaki.  The Anunnaki are gods who have been stealing human life force (Qi Ch’i) for millennia. Their evolution has led them to no longer feel emotions, and for this reason, they steal emotions from humans. They are addicted to Qi Ch’i.


    The Anunnaki need humans, and that’s why the Igigi want to destroy them. They cannot face the Anunnaki directly because they are too strong. They have already tried in the past but have been defeated. The only solution is to deprive them of Qi Ch’i.


    Beatrix doesn’t know about her parents’ sinister plans. She grew up with human nannies who taught her values other than those of her family, interested only in power. More than that, her mother, Ishtar, hides a secret. Beatrix is the result of an extramarital relationship between her and a human.  This makes Beatrix half human and half Goddess. 


    Virgil, who never knew his parents and grew up in an orphanage, is also the result of a sexual encounter between a human and an Igigi.


    Beatrix and Virgil are a couple who have within them the divine and the ephemeral.

    It will be precisely the ability to feel human emotions and their divine powers that make these two the only hope for the world.

    Series Arch


    Anugods represents a collection of more than 100 (1st drop) Babylonian Mythology inspired characters categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements. Your support will help us produce the pilot “The Cabal” and then the entire series.

    The Cabal - Storyboard

    A party is being held in a luxurious villa…

    A DWARF dressed as a cupid welcomes the guests, and thanks them for being present at the ritual.




    Dear exquisite devotees are you ready for the Cabal? In this celebration, we pay homage to the lands that were the cradle of our civilization. Faraway from here among the fertile lands between the Tigris and the Euphrates. Gods, Demons, and magical rites gave birth to the first cry. We owe, to this legendary and mysterious past, who we are today. Let us bow before the power of Babylon…let us abandon ourselves to universal energy…let us be overwhelmed by pleasure, vanity, and power.



    He takes an arrow from his quiver and points the apple at the head of a girl in a bikini. Mistakes and hits the girl’s forehead. The girl falls to the ground dead. He smiles along with his guests. He claps his hands and the party begins. 

    Odalisques enter the room accompanied by waiters carrying trays full of meat, fruit, and wine.


    A young blond girl BEATRIX is joining the party only now. She is bewildered by what she sees. Beatrix is distracted by a charming dark-haired man VIRGIL who touches her shoulder and kisses her.

    A sophisticated and distinguished woman ISHTAR, (Beatrix’s mother) notices the kiss and draws the attention of a man dressed in a eccentric way DAGAN, (Beatrix’s father) indicates the kiss and imitates the movement of the lips in a funny way…they smile sarcastically.


    Meanwhile, another woman (ANUNNAKI WOMAN) reaches a tall man (ANUNNAKI MAN) and whispers something in his ear. They turn and stare defiantly at Ishtar and Dagan.

    Dagan notices them and draws Ishtar’s attention, who gazes them back. Ishtar gives them the cold shoulder and opens his hands as if to say what can we do?


    Beatrix approaches the center of the room followed by Virgil.  A WAITRESS falls in front of her when a man wearing a mask pushes her tray of glasses. The music stops and many guests begin to laugh. The frightened waitress picks up the broken glasses and the music starts again.  Beatrix looks badly at the man who pushed the servant and helps her.

    Ishtar makes her way through the guests and imperatively says…


    You don’t have to help her Beatrix, I didn’t bring you to this world to be a scullery maid! 



    Mom… it wasn’t her fault I’m happy to help her.


    I don’t want to repeat myself
    Beatrix…a frog can live in mud, but a swan must always have white feathers, so don’t get your feathers dirty and get up now!

    Beatrix frustrated leaves the room followed by Virgil.


    Dagan is dancing without taking his eyes off the Anunnaki couple. Ishtar joins him and wraps her hands around his neck, and kisses him. They look at the couple and a sharp noise pervades the room. Only the four of them hear it. Telepathically, without moving her lips, Ishtar says…

    To what do I owe the pleasure?
    Creatures like you mingling between Demigods and nonsensical humans “Anthropos” leaves me thrilled.


    Well, as you can easily assume we are not particularly excited by your insane behavior.

    Since you demoted us and sent us away from Nibiru we took back some power here on the blue planet…someone once said “better to reign in hell than serve in heaven!”(laughs)

    Free will made you choose to rebel against your creators, if you are here now it is only because we have gifted you with life, otherwise you would still be just an idea in a dark and eternal limbo. You should pay us more respect and devotion!

    Made to be a slave, indeed a nice gift…I feel like a cow to humans. By the way, they are your slaves now, right?  
    We prefer to call them unwitting helpers. Their QI (ch’i) is energy for us. We steal their life force, their love, and even their memories…we use everything but the oink.(she laughs lightly looking at his partner)
    Have you ever wondered why they
    age and die? Because we constantly suck QI (ch’i) from them, we slowly consume them making all “Anthropos” look like dry prunes so as to savor for a moment those rude and primordial instincts that our evolution has made us forget about. You know sometimes being Gods can be very boring! We leave to humans only what is strictly necessary to live and reproduce.
    Now too many are dying because of your power games. You have created diseases, changed the climate, and placed infamous politicians in power only to destabilize the world and create new wars. Our leaders sent us here from Nibiru to warn you so as to avoid a war between Igigi and Anunnaki. We need our “Anthropos fleshy batteries” alive and well, you must stop now!

    Oh imperative…it always sounded so bad to me.(viciously smiles) 
    Go back to Nibiru and ask your leaders what they are willing to offer for us to stop having fun with these lower beings. But before you leave, I’d like to invite you to attend the final show.

    The presenter says…

    And now the most awaited moment, the one you always greedily wait for… are you ready for the magic chant of the sublime Queen Ishtar?
    Ishtar walks on the stage while some bouncers bring in a girl and they make her sit on a chair in the center of the room. She is bewildered and fearful.
    The music subsides (a moment of tension in the room)
     Ishtar staring at the girl with a mocking smile says…
    Don’t be afraid, it will be quick!
    Story-Board-Ishtar-Singing Small

    The singing of Ishtar is wonderful, with a peculiar and magical voice, a mix between a soprano and a bird able to hypnotize the listeners. The audience in the room is fascinated and the girl shows a moment of hope and laughs nervously. Ishtar continues to sing, the pitch becomes more and more acute. Soon the sound has such a high frequency that it is no longer audible from the human ear. The girl begins to be physically ill. All around a deafening silence and Ishtar keeps singing and staring at the girl that is having now seizures.
    Some sadists smile. The girl has a nosebleed and foam coming out of her mouth. She passes out on the chair.

    Ishtar stops and turns to the guests slightly dazed, she wipes some sweat from her forehead and slowly opens her hands holding a white handkerchief waiting for applause, as Pavarotti did after his performances.
    The ecstatic audience starts applauding and idolizing her, while the bouncers take the girl away.
    Ishtar looks at the couple with a defiant look and telepathically says…

    I hope it was to your liking!

    They don’t answer and keep staring at her for a long and interminable second. Then they back away and leave. The camera frames the wall where Ishtar’s shadow is projected…the shadow turns into a monstrous bird of prey that opens its beak and emits a terrifying cry.

    The end

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    Los Angeles, Nibiru, Mesopotamia Rome.

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